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Hotel and Community Supplies
Furniture . Equipment

Furnishing Complements
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Professional kitchens

A complete range of high-performance products for professional kitchens dedicated to Hotels, Restaurants, Community, Cooking Centers.
Custom Cooking Blocks and steel furniture custom made.
Cold rooms, chillers, freezers, refrigerators, commer

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Hotel's Furniture

Furnishing and accessories for bedrooms and common areas, custom made or standard.

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Hospitality TV, Beds and mattresses fireproof, minibars, safes, indoor and outdoor chairs, tables and conference equipments. Bathroom accessories.

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Bath room amenities

Lobby and lounge supplies and cosmetics products.

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Cutlery, crockery and glassware, trolleys service and distributions.

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Bar and Ice Cream Shop

Technical components, furniture and accessories for bar, bakeries and ice cream shop.


Equipment for pizzerias and bakeries

Steel furniture custom made, electric ovens and wood-burning, machinery for pastry, bread and pizza.



Professional equipment for in-house laundry, washers, dryers, ironers.